Frequently Asked Questions

Does a sunburn turn into a tan?

Absolutely No! A sunburn is damage to the skin from over exposure to UV rays. Once the skin heals you then see the tan that you would have seen if you didn’t over expose yourself.

Is eye protection necessary when indoor tanning?

Absolutely Yes! Your eyelids only prevent 25% of the rays coming through. So to avoid damage to your eyes always wear eyewear provided by or purchased at a tanning salon.

Can I burn my internal organs from too much tanning?

NO! UV rays do not and cannot penetrate deeper then the layers of your skin. This is an urban myth/legend that has absolutely no validity or credibility whatsoever.

Can I get skin cancer from tanning?

Remember the #1 rule in tanning is, “NEVER SUNBURN”! The way to tan is in moderation without burning. Skin cancer generally takes 15 or more years to mature. Skin cancer for the most part is caused by severe burning as a child and or heredity. Use proper tanning techniques along with a good indoor tanning lotion to avoid possible drying of the skin and premature aging. Tanning and burning are two completely different processes. Melanoma research has clearly identified intermittent burns as the probable exposure related risk factor, NOT regular exposure to sunlight.

Why Does a Tan Disappear?

The epidermis, where the tanning process takes place replaces all of its cells every 28 to 30 days. These cells rise to the surface and flake off so the only way to maintain a tan is with continued exposure to UV light.

Is it harmful to wear contact lenses when tanning indoors?

As long as the proper eyewear protection as stated earlier is worn then there is no reason why contact lenses cannot be worn while tanning. The heat however generated by the machines may cause drying and therefore a little discomfort but nothing that optometrists recommended eyedrops cannot take care of.

Why do dermotologists warn people against sun exposure?

A: Many dermotologists advocate and acknowledge the need for moderate sun exposure with the use of sunscreens to prevent burning.

Do I get tan immediately?

Indoor tanning has a specific tanning exposure time for each unit required by the FDA. You should not see substantial results immediately, if you do you, you have good pigmentation. Once you’ve reached a higher tan time, you will see optimal results. Tan in moderation and always to use a quality indoor tanning lotion to prevent premature aging and promote increased color. Remember the number #1 rule in tanning “NEVER SUNBURN”.

May pregnant woman tan indoors?

Sunbelievable does not allow pregnant women to tan.